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Cinderella's Sister @ work

I was get the urge to write one of these things whenever I feel an array of emotions and whenever I'm at work since work is usually pretty uneventful and I'm busily either trying(sometimes failing sometimes I'm rather successful) to study, write last minute papers, or watching dramas. Tonight I'm attempting to study and so far I've been really bad about it because I was watching my drug that is Cinderella's Sister.
              Image and video hosting by TinyPic I loved him so much here. *squeals*
(Btw that's the first gif I ever made, I think it came out pretty good ^.^)
Jung Woo you loveable man. I never root for the other guy like he's fated to become, but right now KiHoon is pissing me the hell off by spending so much damn time with that annoying HyoSun bitch.   She's really obnoxious and I hate how sometimes I feel bad for her because she officially went on my shit list when she kept the letter from EunJoo. However, most of the time I just wish she didn't talk so much because most of the people she talks to don't really respond to her because there probably like I am, "Why is this bitch talking(whining), maybe if I don't respond she will get the hint"  But she doesn't...
I'm really curious how the show is going to play out because I think the father going to die but I don't know when and I'm wondering if we'll finally see footage from the MV that came out before the show because if so I'm excited.
This show is something I shouldn't probably watch at work either because there are moment in it that make me tear up and a couple weeks ago I was watching episode 4 at work and I was in tears and someone came to my desk at that moment. It was really embarrassing. But at work is the best time to watch it. I mean a nine hours shift it's either this or studying and I hate studying. I'm so sick and tired of school. This semester felt so long. Never again will I take a class that involves Art History or Ethics because it just bores me. Or at least the professors I had this semester bored me. Blargh.

So many things to do...

 This week flew by...I'm really surprised that it's Friday
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I have two main reactions to it being friday:
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and this:
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The first reaction because it's Friday and I'll be able to catch up on some badly needed sleep. Ugh I never can get enough of that. The second reaction because I gotta work and I have to start on my final papers for four of my classes. UGH FML three of the papers are going to wind up being 5-6 pages longs and they are all research. Two of them are for one class but thankfully only reading is involved and a clear opinion with sufficient back up is needed. I just need to start them all. 
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And also getting a visa to go somewhere sucks. The application I'm trying to fill out isn't clear enough and I've called the consulate and email them I alway wind up getting the lady I need to talk to's answering machine and a lack of responses in my email. I really REALLY hate emailing people. Don't promise to respond within the same business day if you don't plan on doing so. It makes me crazy:
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Spring Semester

Uggh this spring semester needs to finish up already. I'm really getting sick of going to half of my classes. Work is actually one of the main things to look forward to because it's a nine-hour shift that doesn't require much work. I've been lucky so far and I haven't had to deal with any underage drunks that might have pissed their name in the elevator or puked their guts out in the staircase (believe me I've heard some horrible stories).
I've also become a fan of making lists. One in particular is a list of Dramas I need to watch/finish and it's ranging somewhere in the thirties now. So many dramas and never enough time between work, school, and family drama. FML Ugh! THere are other to-do lists I've made but due to the procrastinator in me I seem to only manage half of the crap I need to do.
Gah and I also have a very persistent headache that won't go away because I'm stressed about two tests that are coming up. I've studied about fifteen hours for them and i feel like I'm gonna freeze up. Ugh I hate Art History type classes especially with lecturers who assume that you've taken their other classes that you didn't even know existed because it is actually the first Art History course you've taken and you didn't know what the fuck a contrapposto meant and or a stylobate was until you got in the class. Ugh! I just wanna go to a remote location and scream, fangirl over kpop groups, watch dramas, and be left alone for a few days and maybe I'll finally chillax.



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